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Little Charley Bear West End Christmas Show!
Little Charley Bear West End Christmas Show!

Little Charley Bear is heading to the bright lights of London’s West End this Christmas!

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‘Match and Play’ App Available NOW!
‘Match and Play’ App Available NOW!

The FREE Little Charley Bear app, 'Match and Play', is available to download NOW!

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5 ways to boost your child's imagination
5 ways to boost your child's imagination

'Let's pretend' games aren't just child's play!

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Little Charley Bear Knitting Pattern
Little Charley Bear Knitting Pattern

We've teamed up with Women's Weekly and Good to Know to bring you this cute Little Charley Bear knitting pattern. Guaranteed bear hugs for everyone!

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Things To Do


Let's Pretend

It's amazing what you can to with your imagination! Imagination can lead you anywhere you want in the world and let you be whatever you want to be. Don't worry if it's rainy outside, we've got lots of suggestions for how you can invent lots of different adventures in your own home, just start clicking through the steps. What will you be today? Little Charley Bear would love to see your pictures when you're all set up and pretending. Just add them to Little Charley Bear's facebook page to share your adventure.

Step 1

Step 1

Let’s pretend... to be a FOOTBALLER.

You’re at a football match & you’re the referee!

Referees have two coloured cards which they give to players if they’ve done something bad on the pitch. Yellow if they’ve made a mistake & red if they’ve been naughty.

Lets make up some more rules! What could a purple card be? If someone has played well, should they get a purple card? How many people do you think are in the crowd?

Have a go at wind football as well. You’ll find out what you need and how to play in the ‘Things to do’ section of this website.


Referee cards = Coloured card cut to size

Players = Your toys

Step 1

Step 2

Let’s pretend.. to be a SNOW EXPLORER.

You’ve travelled to the Antarctic where it’s really snowy and very cold.

What do you see apart from all of the white snow?

What do you do to keep yourself all snugly and warm? Build a fire! Pile up lots of blankets? Put on lots of socks?

You should build somewhere to sleep in. Get everyone inside your igloo.


Igloo = White sheet, table or chairs

Snow bed = Warm blankets

Antarctic gear = Woolly hat, tennis racket snow shoes

Step 1

Step 3

Let’s pretend... FISHING.

You’re are in a little wooden boat in the middle of the blue water.

Are you on the sea? A river? A lake? Maybe you can row between all 3 and see how things change.

What animals, birds and fish change? The ducks might say hello on the lake. Maybe you’ll catch a whale when you’re in the sea!

How is the water making our boat move? Is it choppy, is a storm coming? Or maybe it is very calm water and you jump in for a swim?


Boat = Cardboard box

Oars = Tennis rackets or any other kind of bats you have

Fishing rod = Stick with string (tied to end)

Step 1

Step 4

Let’s pretend... to be a SKIER.

You’re on top of a big snowy mountain & you’re about to go skiing. Weeeee!

What can you see below you when you’re at the top of the big snowy mountain?

How will you move on the way down? Be careful you don’t go too fast!

What about going off of a huge ski jump or slalam though poles.


Ski sticks = Wooden spoons

Slalam poles = Garden canes

Ski Clothes = Swimming goggles, coat and woolly hat

Mountain = Ski through your whole house! Make obstacles out of cushions and duvets. Maybe you can ski in the park, is there a big hill you can pretend on?

Step 1

Step 5

Let’s pretend... to be a MOUNTAIN CLIMBER.

Oh no! You have to rescue your friend from the top!

What can you see below you? Is it scary, be brave! Can one of your toys help you? Which one of them looks like they’d be a good climber? Get a team together.

What do you hold onto as you go up?


Helmet = Bike helmet

Harness = Skipping rope, string or dressing gown belt

Cliff = Edge of your bed

Rescue = Your toys!

Step 1

Step 6

Let’s pretend... to be a FARMER.

You live in a farm house, and you work on the land and look after all of the animals, what fun!

What noises can you hear on our farm? Make the noises!

What animals have you got to look after? Think of all the jobs you need to do for them feed them, put straw down for their beds. Can you give them medicine if one is poorly?

What do you drive in around the muddy land?


Clothes = Wellies

Animals = Animal toys

Barn or Stables = Books piled up, cardboard boxes

Animal brush = Hair brush

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